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Monday, 8 May 2017

Rohri Moharram

Bagh E Fidak Gumba kevra

Azadari is performed many cities of pakistan, including rohri.
It is so much azadari in the month of moharam,
In Which tazia of karballa is very famous, every day tazia are taken , from the first to tenth, List of tazia are as follows:

  1. Taboot E janab E Aun bin Ali as brother of mola Abbas as
  2. Taboot E janab Habib ibn Mazahir
  3. Taboot E janab Zuhair bin Qais
  4. Bagh E Fidak Gumba kevra
  5. Mor Shah ja Jhandha
  6.  Baglo
  7. Mir jo rozo & Boolar shah ji badami
  8. Maseet jo matam & Karballa(Shama gul)
  9.  Karballa with Baglo & Phirro
  10.  Karballa with Baglo & Phirro

 4th moharam the night of 5th tazia is raised named bagh E fidak gumbakevra This tazia continues from 200 years
Our grandfather Syed Nawab Shah had started when he was death,  his son Syed Imam Ali shah continued.
Now Syed israr hussain shah & his younger brother Syed Iftakhar hussain shah can hold.
Bagh E fidak is a garden of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH & Aall E Mohammad PBUH