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Sunday, 4 June 2017



Yalghaar upcoming Lollywood movie
Directed by: Hassan Rana
Produced by: Waqas Butt
Written by:Haider Rizvi

Shaan Shahid
Humayun Saeed
Adnan Siddiqui
Armeena Khan
Ayesha Omer
Ayub Khoso
Gohar Rasheed
Hassan Rana
Bilal Ashraf
Sikander Rizvi
Sana Bucha
Uzma Khan
Aleeze Nasser
Umair Jaswal
Ashir Azeem

Music by:Syed Ali Hafeez
Cinematography Waleed Ughur
Production company:MindWorks Media
Hum Films
Release date: June 25, 2017
Running time: 150 minutes
Country:  Pakistan
Language: Urdu

Yalghaar (Urdu: یلغار‎; meaning "Assault" or "Attack")
Yalghaar is a Pakistani war-epic film directed by Hassan Rana.  
It is most awaited movie of Pakistan, because of its different story, directions & big budget of 60 crores, The film is produced by MindWorks Media and is based on the true story of Pakistan Army's Swat Operation.. 
It stars Shaan Shahid in the lead role, along with Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Armeena Khan, Aleeze Nasser, Ayesha Omer and Sana Bucha.
It is the most expensive Pakistani movie to date. Apart from budget.. 

Official trailor of movie

Must watch on JUNE. 25. 2017..... 

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    :بنانے کا طریقہ

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