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Saturday, 16 July 2016

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Lesson plan...

How to create a smart lesson plan for any topic..
To plan a lesson three things are very important:
1- What a Teach (Topic)
2- How to Teach (Method)
3- When to Teach (Duration)


Topic: The Sea
Subject: Geography
Duration: 40mins 
Objective: After learning this chapter students will be able to define sea,seabed,sea water, Tides, Neap & Spring Tides etc.

Teaching Aids: Book,Marker,White Board, Chart, Scotch Tape.


Motivation ( 5 to 7 mins). Before opening of Book.
Motivational questions which will be asked by students can be:

  • Have you ever been to Sea?
  • What do you feel when you go ahead in water?
  • What the taste of Sea water?
  • How do you feel tides during day time and night?

Introduction of topic + Explanation (25 to 27 mins)
Explanation of Chapter by using book,White board, Chart in interesting and diciplained way.
Evaluation (Last 5 min) get book closed.
Simple one word answerd, question, MCQ's, Fill in the Blanks and True can be asked, like:

  • What is Seabed?
  • What is the taste of Sea Water?
  • Why do Sea tides become high in the full moon night?
  • High tides known as SPRING TIDES.
  • Low tides known as NEAP TIDES
  • Moriana Trench is the deepest point on the Earth located at PACIFIC OCEAN
  • Tides become high to sun's gravity (FALSE)
  • True is moon gravity.

(For Urdu and Islamiat same lesson plan can be translated)