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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Importance of female education....

Female Education

It is true that women have many special tasks in life and their spheres of duties are different from those of men. But we should remember that these tasks also need training and education. Unless women get proper education, all their prospective faculties get crippled. It is only by imparting proper education to them that we can expect them to discharge the duties nicely and decently. Education of children depends a great deal upon mother. Childhood is the most impressionable stage and anything good or bad, thought to child makes a great influence on his mind. Cannot have educated and ideal citizens when the mothers themselves are foolish and ignorant. Every woman is a potential mother. The future of a child depends on how it is brought up and educated in childhood. An educated mother is naturally expected to bring up and educate her children butter than an uneducated mother.

Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad (sm) laid great importance on the education of both male and female. Without education a woman can’t do anything properly for her children and also can’t help them to lead a worthy life.

Some orthodox people speak against female education and create obstacle to it. It fact, it is an offence. We must educate women in nursing and household management, child-care, sewing and so on. Thus, they will be able to earn their living independently.

In our country Government has taken various steps of female education. For the leaner of secondary schools and higher secondary colleges female students are free from fee. As a result, the percentage of female education is increasing day by day and they are taking part in the developing works of the country.

Female education is a vital need to our developing Pakistan. So, we should be up and doing for the spread of female education.

Advertisement & Advertising methods.....


Advertisment means making a thing known to the public. It has become a fine art. Its purpose is to draw the attention of the customers. It establishes a link between the producers and the customers.A customer can know about the quality and price of a thing through advertisement. Advertisement has become a quality and modern business life. Different countries of the world are being brought closer through advertisement.There are many ways and means of advertisement. We see advertisement in papers, magazines, periodicals, journals, on the screen of television and on social media. We hear advertisement in the radio. Again some use lights and some use pictures for advertisement. Besides there are advertising jokers firms and agencies. Some advertisements are obscene and vulgar. Measures should be taken to stop such kind of advertisement.However advertisement is a part of modern civilization.

How to advertise?

Advertising Methods....

  • Online Advertising....

Posting ads on websites that receive heavy traffic is one way to get the word out about your business. Social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace have advertising programs with ads tailored to a particular demographic. These ads show up only next to profiles that meet the specifications of your product's target market. You can also use the Google AdWords service to post online ads.

  • Newspaper advertising..

A traditional form of advertising, daily and weekly newspaper ads allow you to target specific geographic neighborhoods. Attaching an incentive, such as a coupon, to the ad can help track the ad's effectiveness. Purchasing an ad in a section relevant to your business -- for example, a home improvement business ad in the home and garden section -- can also help you to reach target clients.

  • Television advertising..

Television ads on local stations might require time and effort to produce, but can be especially effective if you sell a product or service with a high price point. At the time of publication, strategic Media states that a TV ad can cost $50,000, while a radio ad will cost only $1,500. However, you can justify the difference if a TV ad can reach customers who would not respond to radio.