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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Current problem of schools & little solution...

The current problem faced by the school are competition,quality work,random changes of teachers and promotion of school.

  • We can solve these problems by smart work like every school takes heavy fee but every school doesnot give quality,filling the copies with notes is not quality work but explain topics,terminologies thoroughly with practicals,so then students will able to write or explain by own is the quality."So we should work for Quality not the Quantity"
  • For the promotions of schools we should arrange extra curricular activities like debate / speech competitions, kids festival, winner day, national days, quiz competitions on class, picnic etc.
  • For the betterment of our students, teachers play a vital role because the interaction with his/her teachers and students is very important. A student need attachment with his/her teacher but if teacher comes only for a month and than new teacher comes so how will student get attachment? In this situation students and their parents get disturb. To solve this problem we should bound a teacher for atleast one year.
  • By above mentions steps we can compete with other schools and increase the strength..... 
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