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Friday, 8 July 2016

Ufone 2g & 3g pakages.....

Ufone internet packages info
Daily Bucket

Daily light bucket

Price: 10rs 
Balance: 40mbs 
Duration: 24 hours 
Subscription code:*804# 
UNSUB to 8804

Daily heavy bucket 
Price: 15rs 
Balance: 75mbs 
Duration: 24 hours 
Subscription code: *8042# 
Unsub to *4804#

Special daily bucket 
Price: 05rs 
Balance: 50mbs 
Duration: 01 AM- 09 PM 
Subscription code: *810# 
UNSUB to *781# 

Mega Internet bucket 
Price: 99rs 
Balance: 1,024mbs 
Duration: 1 AM - 6 AM 
Subscription code: *550# 
Unsub to *5501#
 3 Day Bucket

3  Days Bucket 
Price: 25rs 
Balance: 100mbs 
Duration: Complete 3 days 
Subscription code: *3350#

Weekly buckets

Weekly Light bucket 
Price: 50rs 
Balance: 250mbs 
Duration: 7 days 
Subscription code: *7811#

Weekly heavy bucket 
Price: 125rs 
Balance: 500mbs 
Duration: 7 days 
Subscription code: *7815#

Monthly buckets 

Monthly 1GB Bucket 
Price: 250rs 
Balance: 1,024mbs 
Duration: 30days 
Subscription code*7807#

Monthly 3GB Bucket 
Price: 500rs 
Balance: 3Gb 
Duration: 30days 
Subscription code: *803#

Monthly 10GB Bucket 
Price: 1,000rs 
Balance: 10 Gb 
Duration: 30days 
Subscription code: *5100#

Social Data Buckets

Price: 05rs 
Timing: 01 Day 
Subscription code:*4242# 
UNSUB to *5444#

 Social Monthly Bucket

Price: 50rs
Duration: 30 Days 
Subscription code: *5858#

Dial *3# to choose the package of your choice.....
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