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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Hazrat Imam Hassan ibn Ali as

2nd Imam, Imam Hassan as ibn Hazrat Ali as.. 

Name: Al-Hasan ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.)
Mother: Fatimah az-Zahra (a.s.), the daughter of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.). 

Kunniyat (Patronymic): Abu Muhammad 

Laqab (Title): Al-Sibt al-Kabir (the elder grandson), Al-Mujtaba. 

Birth: He was born in Madina in the middle of the month of Ramadhan in 3 A.H. 

Martyrdom: He died on the 28th of Safar in the year 50 A.H. He was buried in the graveyard of Baqi in Madina.

Born in Madina 15th Ramadan 3rd year of Hijri. Elder son of ‘Ali and Fatima, grandson of the Prophet of Islam. When he was born and the news of the birth of a grandson was conveyed to the Holy Prophet he came to the house of Fatima, took hold of the baby in his arms, said Azan and Iqamah in his ears and said, this is a beautiful child, I name him Hasan.. 

His other Names  al-Sibt, al-Sayyid, al-Zaki, al-Mujtaba, al-Taqi.

He will keep Islam and Muslims safe from the hands of its destroyers. Historians note that this child looked like his grandfather the Holy Prophet in looks and in manners.
Imam Hassan(a.s.) is the Lord of the youth of Heaven. He was one of the two persons in whom the progeny of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family, was limited.
Imam Hassan (a.s.)'s ethics were excellent examples for people. So everyone respected him. Everyone loved him when he associated with him. When his friend or his enemy heard him talking or delivering a speech, he was sorry that he (Imam Hassan(a.s.)) would end his talking or his speech.
Imam Hassan(a.s.) performed the hajj on foot twenty-five times. 

In human perfection Imam Hassan was reminiscent of his father and a perfect example of his noble grandfather. In fact, as long as the prophet was alive, he and his brother were always in the company of the Prophet who even sometimes would carry them on his shoulders.

His Children  Imam Hassan(a.s.) had fifteen children, both male and female: Zayd, Imam Hassan(a.s.), `Amru, al-Qasim, `Abd Allah, `Abd al-Rahman, Imam Hassan(a.s.) al-Athram, and Talha, Umm Imam Hassan(a.s.), Umm al-Husayn, Fatima, Umm Salama, Ruqayya, Umm `Abd Allah, and Fatima.

One of the Holy Imam's (A) wives was Ju'da binte Ash'ath bin Qays. Muawiya conspired with Ju'da to give the Holy Imam (A) some poison. In return she would get 100,000 dirhams and he would marry her to Yazid. This evil woman put poison in the Holy Imam's (A) drinking water and he immediately fell gravely ill as a result. After great suffering, the Holy Imam (A) departed from this world. Just before he died, he entrusted the affairs of Imamat to his brother Imam Husain (A) and made him the guardian of his own family.

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