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Friday, 15 July 2016

Hillary Clinton...

Hillery Clinton American's First Lady Candidate of President.....

Hillery Clinton is the first American lady, who is candidate for presidentship. Helery Clinton belongs to Newyork & she is wife of X-president Bill Clinton. Helery Clinton got succeeded in nominating for the first lady president of America.
She belongs to democratic party. She secured the required 3,383 delegates for the nomination of of presidentship from the Democratic party. 587 super delegates also support her apart of them.
After independence of America, the founder of America Mr.Jordge Washington become the first President in 1789.
Her competitor from the Democratic party Mr.Barni Saders, he is 74year old & belongs to warmount (American State) & he is also senetor. He got support of youth & especially students who are worried for their educational expences. Barni Sanders makes them sure that he will make make education free in govt. Institutes & for private institutes he will provide funds, in this way he got support of students. On the other hand Donald Trimp is a single compitator of them the Republican party.

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